SIGN UPS WILL OPEN AT OUR FIRST MEETING OF THE SEMESTER. Make sure you're there with cash to hold your spot. The schedule for the semester will be posted prior to the first meeting. 

Our Open Water Certification class is taught by Charlie Matthews, an SSI Instructor Trainer who has spent years working with the University of Miami Scuba Club. We usually are able to offer three to four sections per semester depending on interest. 

The Course is broken down into three components, scheduled over a two week period.:

  1. Academics: This section consists of lectures and reading assignments that cover SCUBA techniques, science, equipment and the underwater environment.  Typically each course consists of three lectures held on campus in the evening with varying schedules between sections.  

  2. Pool Training: All dive skills will be taught and practiced during the three pool sessions prior to demonstrating them in open water. All pool sessions are held at the UC pool on campus. 

  3. Open Water Dives: This is where you finally get to put into use everything you learned in the class by diving the Florida’s famous coral reefs. Four open water dives with the instructor are necessary to complete your certification. Typically these are done over two, two-tank boat trips (boat trips are typically $65 each, payable directly to boat). These trips are typically done off Key Biscayne or Key Largo.  

Cost: The Open Water certification class is offered to UM SCUBA Club members at a discounted rate of $240 (excluding boat fees). This cost includes instruction, all course materials, and equipment rental except for personal gear (mask, snorkel, fins, exposure protection). 

***NO REFUNDS will be provided for courses***

If you have any questions about the certification class please feel free to contact or contact Charlie Matthews directly at 1-305-798-5144.

Fall 2019 Open Water Course Schedule

**Check back later for updated schedule**

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4